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Your roof is an essential part of your home. It safeguards you from various weather conditions. So, it must be well-made to withstand the test of time regardless of both performance and visual appeal. We at Clearview Painting provide the best services for roof painting in Auckland that will improve your property’s curb appeal and the house’s overall aesthetics. Whatever colour you choose, our roof painting services will positively impact your house’s overall appearance. Choosing the right colour can even make the home appear larger or give visitors an idea of the homeowner’s personality. Call us today to provide a new life to your roof.

Does Your Roof Really Need Work?

How do you decide that the roof is damaged and needs repair? When was the last time you had your roof repaired? The roof’s age can indicate that it is time to fix it, but this depends on the type of roofing material used. Replacement of an old or damaged roof may be necessary, especially if your roof shows signs of ageing, such as mould growth, leaky roofs, and other storm-related issues. To get your roof repaired, you should only rely on licensed and experienced service providers like Clearview Painting, as we provide quality services at a reasonable price. Call us immediately to get the job done by our professional team.

Trained & Professional Roof Painters In Auckland & Nearby Areas

Clearview Painting offers a wide range of roof painting services to customers throughout the Auckland region. Our roofing services are ideal for both commercial and industrial roofing styles. We take great pride in providing a wide range of industrial painting solutions to help transform your properties. Along with our excellent roof painting services, we also provide roof coatings and protection. We have a team of highly trained and professional experts who are dedicated to providing solutions that are top quality and provide the highest value. We ensure that all our professional painters have access to materials, equipment, and resources required to complete projects on time, within budget, and above expectations.

Trained Professional Roof Painters In Auckland Nearby Areas

Your home is likely the single most significant investment you can ever make, so it is essential to protect its value. Furthermore, regular maintenance is required to keep a property in excellent condition. Painting your roof with our professionals can increase the value of your home.

Clearview Painting can help avoid replacing a roof by using excellent quality paint to significantly improve the appearance of a roof and extend its life expectancy. Contact a member of our team today for a free quote if you want to know more about our services.


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A painted roof, when done with high-quality materials, can last between 10 to 15 years. Regular maintenance and proper care can extend its lifespan even further. At Clearview Painting, we use premium paints to ensure your roof remains protected and visually appealing for many years.

Painting a roof can help seal small crevices and prevent minor leaks. However, for significant leaks or structural issues, a thorough roof repair may be necessary. Clearview Painting can assess your roof's condition and recommend the best solution to ensure its longevity and durability.


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